ImPACT Baseline Concussion Dates:


ImPACT baseline concussion testing for students in grades 7, 9, and 11 who wish to participate in Baseball, Softball,  Track & Field (for pole vault or high jump only) or Girls’ Lacrosse, who have never taken the initial ImPACT baseline test before, will be tested on the following dates: 


Tuesday, February 21st or Wednesday, February 22nd at 3:15 p.m. in Rooms 224 and 231 at the High School



ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing:

The UPMC licensed athletic trainers will coordinate and implement ImPACT baseline testing for student-athletes as determined by the Greensburg Salem School District Athletic Office prior to each sports season. 


The ImPACT test is a measure of a student-athlete’s neurocognitive function and in no way is used to measure IQ.  The results of this baseline test can be used in the future if an athlete is suspected of having suffered a concussion.  The athlete can take a post-test and the two tests’ scores will be compared.  If necessary, after a student-athlete sustains a concussion, they can be referred for further evaluation by a licensed neuropsychologist who specializes in interpreting ImPACT test results and the management of concussions.


Although a useful tool in the management and return to play decisions regarding concussed athletes, this test does not diagnose a concussion.  Unlike an x-ray diagnoses a broken bone,there is no standardized test that diagnoses concussions.  CT scans are often employed to rule out any bleeding or other brain damage, but even this test does not diagnose a concussion. 


ImPACT baselines are valid for 2 years.  Based on this schedule, testing will primarily be conducted for athletes in grades 9 and 11.  If an athlete participates in more than 1 sport, the student-athlete will only be required to take the baseline test once.  The reason for testing twice during the high school career is to monitor any changes in the brain as the student-athlete grows and their brain matures. 


The dates and times for the baseline testing will be announced via this website and will also be made known to coaches.  Testing will be done prior to fall, winter, and spring sports seasons beginning.