Title I Math


Title I is a federally funded program that provides academic support and learning opportunities to meet state standards in reading and math. Title I programs help students to experience success within their classrooms. Greensburg Salem is a Schoolwide Title I District. This helps to ensure that any child who needs help with reading or math can have access to support.
Title I Math Team:
Mrs. Judi Constantine- Hutchinson
Mrs. Camille Nemanic: Hutchinson and Metzgar 
Mrs. Jill Gray: Metzgar and Nicely

Happy Summer! Our students work hard during the school year to learn math concepts and skills using the Everyday Mathematics program. To keep their brains engaged, please explore the pages on the left for information, links to a wide variety of resources, photos of our students, and more!
We especially encourage you to check out the "Summer Math Learning" link.