Our workshop approach develops a level of proficiency needed to comprehend a variety of texts through the explicit teaching, modeling and purposeful practicing of strategies and independent student routines.
We structure our classrooms in such a way that students become independent managers of their reading success. They thoughtfully set goals to attain levels of reading proficiency imperative to success throughout their school career.
Students work within small groups and move throughout the fifth grade pod.  Groups are flexible and foster partnerships with a variety of peers.
Our workshop time consists of the following:
  • Lessons in Comprehension, Writing and Word Study- used to explicitly instruct and model reading, writing and word study strategies, skills, and concepts.
  • Minilessons - used to review or practice previously taught lessons or conduct lessons that are less time intensive.
  • Independent Practice-students demonstrate their ability to synthesize the knowledge acquired from the lessons to their own work. 
  • Discussion Groups-students facilitate rich discussions and share knowledge of text.
  • Independent Reading Time-a 20-30 minute block every day that is dedicated strictly to building reading stamina and comprehension.