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Mrs. Mickey's 3rd Graders Measure Their Effort


For Megan Mickey, a third grade teacher at Metzgar Elementary, teaching is the family business.  Coming from a long line of educators, including her mother, father, and aunt, it is no surprise that Mrs. Mickey developed a love for teaching.  Mr. Mickey is even a teacher!


With 22 years of experience being in the classroom, Mrs. Mickey’s love and enthusiasm for her students and their success is indisputable.  She describes third grade as a “transition” year, during which students become more responsible and independent.  Her “Measure Your Effort” chart lets her students know that she cares and believes in them and expects 100% effort from each and every one.  Students understand the expectations and have been overheard supporting their peers by saying, “I think you are only giving 80%.  You need to try for 100%!”


Third-grade is an exciting year of learning multiplication strategies, practicing the steps of the informative writing process, and preparing to take the PSSA’s for the first time.  Students will be studying important figures in history who persevered, such as Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges, to reinforce that they can do anything they set their minds to. Mrs. Mickey's class is always measuring their efforts as they tackle new concepts, and as we know at Greensburg Salem, "Effort Creates Ability!"

With the guidance of Mrs. Mickey, her hard-working, motivated third graders will be prepared for the challenges, expectations, and new successes of becoming a fourth grade student of Metzgar Elementary!
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