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Greensburg Salem School District

2023-2024 Technology Agreement Form


2023-2024 Technology Agreement Sign-off Form 

For a full list of board policies, please refer to BoardDocs:

In exchange for the Greensburg Salem School District allowing the Student to use and possess a District ­owned Laptop/iPad outside of school, we (Student and Parent) agree to the following: 

  • The Greensburg Salem School District is loaning the Laptop/iPad to the Student for academic purposes only.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian acknowledge that the Laptop/iPad and any included software are the property of the School District, and remain the property of the School District at all times.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian acknowledge School Board Policy No. 815: Technology Resources and Acceptable Use, School Board Policy No. 224: Care of School Property and understand and agree to abide by the procedures and rules set forth in these policies as well as this agreement. These policies are available online on the District's website.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian understand and agree that the Laptop/iPad, case, and charger are the property of the Greensburg Salem School District. Students cannot put stickers on the case or make physical modifications to the Laptop/iPad.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian acknowledge that the Student and Parent/Guardian are responsible for the cost of repairs for any damage that occurs while in their possession.
  • The Student will not permit individuals other than District personnel and their parent/guardian to access the Laptop/iPad. The Student agrees not to use or allow the Laptop/iPad to be used for any illegal reasons or other reasons prohibited by School Board Policy No. 815: Technology Resources and Acceptable Use.
  • The Student understands that the District's Laptop/iPad loan program is an educational program for purposes of Title IX, and the use of that device is covered by the District's Title IX policy.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian agrees that the Laptop/iPad is deemed to be in the custody of the student from the time the student receives the Laptop/iPad until the time the Laptop/iPad is returned to a designated school representative. If the Laptop/iPad is reported lost or stolen, the Parent/Guardian and Student acknowledge that the District may use various tracking techniques to locate the Laptop/iPad, but only until the Laptop/iPad is actually located by the District, law enforcement, or until Parent/Guardian or Student provide written notification that the Laptop/iPad is no longer missing.
  • In the event that the Laptop/iPad is stolen or otherwise not returned to the District while in the custody of the Student, the Student and Parent/Guardian agree they will be responsible to the District for the replacement cost unless a police report is timely filed. 
  • Lost or stolen Laptops/iPads must be reported to the Technology Department within 48 hours, and police reports must be provided to the District within one week. Failure to abide by these procedures will result in the full replacement cost being billed to the Student and Parent/Guardian.
  • The Student and Parent/Guardian understand and agree that they will not attempt any repairs on the Laptop/iPad and that damage must be reported to either the Student's teacher or Technology Department as soon as possible after such damages are discovered.
  • The Student understands and agrees that upon graduation or the Student's withdrawal from the District or per request from the District, the Laptop/iPad and all accessories will be returned to the District in the same condition they were originally provided except for normal wear and tear as determined by the District. Failure to return the Laptop/iPad and accessories to the District in a timely manner or the continued use of the Laptop/iPad for non-school purposes without the District's consent may be considered unlawful possession of District property, and the District may pursue legal remedies to obtain the Laptop/iPad or its value.
  • Student and Parent/Guardian understand and consent that the District may view student files stored on the Laptop/iPad. If the District has reasonable suspicion the Student is violating the law or District rules or policies, an Administrator may take custody of the Laptop/iPad to review Student files. The School District will monitor internet activity pursuant to School Board Policy No. 815: Technology Resources and Acceptable Use.
  • Student and Parent/Guardian understand and agree that, if the District determines that the student failed to care for the Laptop/iPad or violates District rules, policies, or this Agreement, the District may terminate the Student's ability to use the Laptop/iPad outside of school, and the District may immediately repossess the Laptop/iPad.
  • If the Student fails to return the Laptop/iPad upon demand or fails to return it on the return date or on a date prearranged by the building principal for the return of the device, the District may assess a fee of $10.00 for each day that the device is not returned to the District. The total fee shall not exceed $600.00.
  • If the District determines the Student intentionally damaged the District's property, or that the Student sold or otherwise disposed of the Laptop/iPad, the District may refer the matter to the appropriate authorities for civil, criminal, and/or juvenile proceedings.
  • Other disciplinary measures may also be taken depending on the situation, including but not limited to restricting the use of personal software on the Laptop/iPad, disabling the camera or microphone, or restricting the list of accessible websites.
  • Parent/Guardian will be notified if the Student fails to adequately care for the Laptop/iPad or violates District rules, policies, or this Agreement.
  • Students are responsible for completing all schoolwork locally on the Laptop/iPad and regularly backing up that work. The District assumes no responsibility for lost work due to issues such as file corruption, software problems, or user error.
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