• Kindergarten Registration Information 


    The information provided below is intended to assist you in preparing to enroll your child for Kindergarten.  Completing this information in advance of your school’s orientation will expedite processing and allow for a smooth enrollment process.  Please note the first four forms are in PDF format and allow for electronic completion.  Click on each hyperlink to view, edit, and print each form.


    If you are filling out these forms and have not contacted your child’s school, please do so immediately to officially register for Kindergarten Orientation.    


    Hutchinson Elementary School

    (724) 832-2885

    Spring Kindergarten Orientation Date:   


    Metzgar Elementary School

    (724) 668-2237

    Spring Kindergarten Orientation Date:


    Nicely Elementary School

    (724) 832-2865

    Spring Kindergarten Orientation Date: 


    Check       Health History- Provides information regarding the health status of your child. 



    check       Physician's Report- Provides information regarding recent immunizations and medical conditions.  


    check       Home Language- Used to determine a primary or home language other than English.


    check       Enrollment- Provides vital information regarding your child, parent/guardian, and siblings.

    check       Residency Affidavit and
                  Proof of Residency            
                  Use of Information Notice - How your information will be used.


    check       Birth Certificate
    check       Health Services