• Greensburg Salem Football

    Team Weight Training
    • Off-season Weight Training runs daily Monday thru Thursday.
    • All current 8th to 11th graders are strongly encouraged to attend!
    • 7th Grade players are welcome and encouraged to attend our offseason weight training program.
    • Weight Training begins at 3PM and ends by 4:30.
    • Weight Training is an important component when preparing to participate in the sport.
    • The best way to build team unity and trust is done in the off-season!
    Announcements / Save the Date 
    • Sophmores and Juniors should update their Hudl profile and arrange for a transcript release in prepartion for the 2017 recruiting season.  Many college coaches have begun to gather their prospect lists for next year.  It is important to have these materials ready to present to prospective colleges.

    •  The 2017 WCCA Underclassman Combine has been scheduled for May 13th 2017.  Coach Keefer will be distributing information in the near future.  The cost is 50 dollars.  Students from Grade 9-11 are permitted to attend

                            Combine Highlights   
                            Representative speaking to parents and students about, "Making the Right Choice"
                            Data collection for distribution to college recruiters.

                            Exposure to over 75 college coaches on site...
                            Compare your skills with players around Westmoreland County

                            Help develop individual skills on both Offense and Defense

                            Much More!