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Greensburg Salem School District

Elementary Education

Dr. Lenni Nedley

Director of Curriculum & Federal Programs

Phone: 724-832-2957


All Students are Successful


The elementary years are a crucial time for each child to develop academically, socially, and emotionally.  The teachers, school counselors, support staff, and administrators are dedicated to providing a well-rounded education to each child based on individual needs.  

Prior to the pandemic, the elementary curriculum teams started developing and reviewing proficiency scales to be used in grades K-5 for English language arts and mathematics.  This summer the curriculum teams revised the proficiency scales and will be practicing the use of them for each student in their classrooms this school year.  For the 2021-2022 school year, the administrators and teachers will practice using the proficiency scales to track student growth to set individual student goals to meet the end-of-the-year standards.  Also, this school year, the curriculum teams will meet regularly to create benchmarks and common assessments.  The following table provides an outline of the progression of effectively creating, revising, and using proficiency scales to effectively implement standards-based learning.  

Standards-Based Learning