Facility repair needs

Dear Parents, Community Members, and Students,
As members of the Greensburg Salem community, we take pride in our schools and programs.  The District serves 2,665 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade in five buildings.  The school buildings are used every day all year round, not just by our own students but also by many community groups with whom we partner.  Our buildings vary in age:  the Middle School was built in 1924, the High School was built in 1962, James A. Metzgar and Dr. Robert F. Nicely were built in 1968 and Amos K. Hutchinson, the newest, was built in 1991. There are systems and components in the buildings that are original to their construction date for which parts are no longer available to purchase.  Other parts of the buildings are at or have exceeded their life use, like the roof at the senior high school. 
Facility maintenance and repair has been a topic frequently discussed by the Board. Over the years, the Board has received facility assessments from groups like Canzian and Johnston & Associates LLC (2014) and Schneider Electric (2017). These assessments, along with daily operational needs, identified areas that required  attention.  These items involve things like the buildings' mechanical, heating and ventilation, electrical, and roofing systems.  These systems protect the building while providing a healthy and safe learning environment.  Should these systems fail, it may be necessary to  cancel or to move classes to alternative buildings which would occur at an additional cost of time and materials while impacting our effectiveness and efficiency.
The Board asked the Coordinator of Facilities and Grounds to develop a list of 'must fix' items.  These top items are listed in the table below.  The cost of these repairs exceeds the amount of monies set aside in a capital reserve fund.  These items are all high priority areas, essential to the basic operation of the school. Some items may last for weeks or months, some may fail tomorrow. With many of these items having already exceeded their operational life, the District is living on borrowed time with them in their current state.
For this reason, the Board is discussing taking out a bond which would extend the school district's debt to pay for the cost to replace or repair these items.  Should a bond be taken out, the monies would all go to these capital projects:






Fire Alarm


$225,000 with money for abatement


Roof Replacement

Senior High School

$1,700,000 (*does not include replacement AC units)


Existing AC replacement and controls

Senior High School



Hot water boiler




4 Burner change outs and new draft controls

Senior High School (2)

Hutchinson (2)

$35,000 per unit x 4 units = $140,000 total


HVAC  with controls


$3,100,000 to cover existing


Fire Alarm


$225,000 with money for abatement


Emergency generator- gas fired (update to natural gas to eliminate diesel holding tank)








Gym AC

High School



Ceiling tiles




Plumbing fixtures

High School

$405,000 for 135 units

By replacing and repairing these items,  we will be better able to ensure that the facilities remain a safe and healthy place for students and staff to learn and we will be preserving the heritage, tradition and pride of the Greensburg Salem School District.