Comcast Offering Free Internet

Internet Essentials from Comcast brings you affordable, high-speed
Internet. Comcasats once to make it easier for low-income households to get
connected so they can more easily work from home, access educational
resources, and stay in contact with friends and family.

You may be eligible for 2 months of free Internet Essentials service. Available
for new Internet Essentials customers only. Apply by May 13, 2020.

Students who attend Hutchinson, Nicely or the Middle school, no matter the household income level, are eligible for the 2 months of free Internet Essential service, followed by a $9.95 per month +tax after promotion pricing.  The window for people to apply is from now until May 13th.

Students who attend the high school or Metzgar Elementary must be part of one of these programs in order to qualify:

National School Lunch, WIC, Medicare, TANF, or live in Section 8 or HUD housing.