Quarantine & Isolation Guidelines

GS Mission:  
Educate every child to be a productive and responsible citizen ready to serve the communities of their future.
GS Vision:
Greensburg Salem envisions a future where all graduates are prepared as pillar citizens and human beings prepared with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for serving their local and global communities for personal, social, economic, and environmental stability and growth.  
1)    Masking and Face Shields:
The mask mandate in Pennsylvania was lifted on December 10, 2021. Greensburg Salem is recommending universal masking in its schools for all staff, students, and visitors. Masks, and/or face shields, or vaccination reduces the chance of facing quarantine guidelines. Masks, face shields, and vaccination are mitigation strategies to help reduce the rate of community transmission for communicable diseases. 
2)    Contact Tracing, Quarantining, and Isolation:
a.    All positive cases must be reported to DOH based on PA Code
b.    We will only contact trace for school hour contacts
c.    Tracing will happen for students in close proximity to the positive case only

i.    If a student is wearing a mask or vaccinated -- They can come to school so long as they have no symptoms, and they wear a mask for 14 days. If they return a negative test, they do not need to continue wearing the mask for the entire 14-day period. 

ii.    If the student is not wearing a mask and is unvaccinated -- Must quarantine -- They can test on day five for an early return if negative test and no symptoms. 
3)    Home Testing Kits:
We will accept results from home test kits for an early return, or other purposes.