HELP US hold JUUL accountable

Are YOU:
  • A student or young adult that has used JUUL?
  • A parent or guardian that has firsthand 
    experience with their child using JUUL?

  • A teacher, school administrator or other person 
    that has experience with the impact JUUL use 
    has had on youth in Pennsylvania?
If so, we would like to talk to you. WHY?
  • Pennsylvania has sued JUUL alleging their 
    marketing targeted youth and addicted 
    thousands of young people in PA to nicotine.

  • We want to hear your story and learn more 
    about how JUUL has affected you or those 
    around you.
How you can CONTACT us.
If you want to share your 
experience, please email 
[email protected] 
with your name, age, email 
address and how JUUL has 
affected you, your child, or your 
The information you provide to 
our office may be subject to 
discovery and disclosure as part 
of legal proceedings. Also, in 
order for your story to be 
helpful to our case, you may 
have to testify before the Court 
at an evidentiary hearing or