Athletic Department


2020-21 Winter Sports UPDATE

Spectators to all winter home contests will be limited to 2 spectators per Greensburg Salem Athlete


For all fans not in attendance, contests held in the high school gymnasium will be live-streamed on our YouTube Channel - Greensburg Salem Golden Lions Athletics


Greensburg Salem Athletics Mask Policy

Greensburg Salem will continue with athletics for the Winter season.  Per the advice of our Team Physician and UPMC Sports Medicine, our athletes will now be exempted from wearing a mask when they are active participants in competition.  Active Participants means the athletes competing on-court, on-mat, etc. and engaged in vigorous activity or exercise.


All coaches, officials, school personnel, fans and athletes on the sideline or bench area will need to be masked at all times. The link below will take you to UPMC Sports Medicine's recommendation for active participant athletes.


UPMC Sports Medicine Playbook: Return to Sports During COVID-19 ADDENDUM





All students interested in playing a winter sport must be registered through FamilyID and have completed Sections 5, 6 and 10 of the physical form on file in the Athletic Office.


Please be aware that the Section 10 form (2020-2021 Supplemental Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release: COVID-19) is new this year.  The COVID-19 Sports Participation form on FamilyID is different from this new form.


Students who have already played a fall sport and plan on playing a winter sport need only fill out and return a Section 7 Recertification form and a Section 10 Supplemental Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release: COVID-19 form to the Athletic Office 


The link to FamilyID is:


If you experience a problem with the registration process, please call FamilyID directly at 1-888-800-5583, Ext. 1