Coordinator of Elementary Education, Federal Programs, and Instruction

Elementary academics are centered around grade level standards and district benchmarks as established by the elementary curriculum committees. A representative group of teachers and administrators serve on the committees and work to link curriculum and best practice.

Using common assessments, students are regularly assessed to determine whether they are achieving the grade level benchmarks. If students have not yet achieved the determined level of mastery, supports are provided as needed to move students to mastery.

The elementary curriculum focuses on achieving a sound foundation in core skills (reading, mathematics, and writing) while also challenging students with 21st century skills (collaboration, problem solving, creativity). This balance will be important as students work toward secondary success as well as career success in the global economy.

Within the elementary week a period called “Core Enrichment” is held so that students can work in flexible groups to acquire or expand their skills according to their individual needs. Individual learning targets help to set a clear direction as students work towards excellence and lifelong learning.