ePride Online Learning Academy


Welcome to Greensburg Salem School District’s ePride Online Learning Academy!  We recognize that the traditional brick and mortar school is not always the best option for students and families looking for the flexibility that online learning provides.  As students grow, their social, emotional, and academic needs will evolve and change. 


Therefore, we feel that providing online cyber options for students in our community strengthens and supports our mission to work collaboratively with the community in educating all students to become productive and responsible citizens.  The ePride Academy helps us accomplish this by recognizing the value of each individual and promoting personal growth and academic achievement through the implementation of innovative strategies and the integration of current technologies in a safe and caring environment.


The ePride Academy provides students K-12 the option of full-time online learning through Greensburg Salem School District.  Some secondary students also take advantage of a hybrid option which allows them to take some of their coursework at the school building and some through an online format.  If you or your child is interested in learning more about our ePride program, please contact your child’s school counselor or contact the ePride Academy Coordinator.  The ePride Academy is available for free to district residents.


Dr. Ken Bissell
ePride Academy Coordinator
(724) 832-2991