Online Learning

Greensburg Salem School District is excited to announce the start of a new pilot program available to seniors during the 2011-2012 school year.  The purpose of the pilot is to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of online learning opportunities for Greensburg Salem High School students.  During the first year of the pilot, three hybrid courses will be offered to students (Honors Law & Economics, Language Arts 12, & Honors Language Arts 12).  Hybrid courses are courses that combine online learning with traditional classroom time.

The pilot courses to be implemented will be scheduled for block 1 of the student’s senior year.  Students who participate will be required to attend the block 1 class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Unless occasionally needed, students will not be required to attend school for the block 1 class on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, or Friday’s.  While students will not regularly have class on these days, they will need to be self-directed to work on coursework and complete assignments throughout each week.

This exciting program will provide some seniors with the opportunity to make their schedule more flexible by learning course content synchronously (same time-together) and asynchronously (different time-apart).  It will also provide students with an opportunity to experience learning through some online coursework which almost all students will be required to do at some point as they encounter career, employer, college, or military training.  Applying for this new pilot does not guarantee acceptance, but if you are interested in participating in one of the newly developed hybrid course offerings, complete the brief registration form online and return it to the High School Office no latter than June 15th.