Medications in School

Medication administration

If your child needs to take any type of medication during the school day, here are some guidelines you will need to follow. This includes any scheduled daily medicine your child may take, (such as ADHD meds, antibiotics, diabetic medication) any PRN medication (such as Tylenol/Motrin, inhalers for asthma, Epi-Pen/Benadryl) for allergies and even cough drops must have a medication administration form filled out by parents and accompany a doctors order. 


  •      Parents must bring the medication to the school nurse. Medication must be IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER. We cannot accept medication from a sandwich baggie, envelope or blank prescription bottle.
  •      Prescription medication must have prescription label attached. Inhalers usually have their label on the box, so that label or the box will need to be included.
  •      Scheduled medication must have a specific time to be administered on the label.
  •      A medication administration form (available in the parent handbook/ on school website under the Health Forms tab) must be filled out by the parent and the doctor, and accompany each and every medication to be given at school.
  •      In the event that the parent doesn’t have access to the form prior to a doctor’s appointment, a doctor’s prescription may be attached to the schools form, medication name/reason/dose/time must clearly be written on the prescription as well as the doctors signature. Parents will still need to fill out and sign a medication administration form.
  •      Students ARE NOT permitted to carry medications in school. Please do not send your child in with a bag of cough drops and a note. Students are permitted to carry asthma inhalers and Epi-Pens with appropriate paperwork.
  •      Parents please keep track of when your student will be out of their daily medication. The school nurse will try to give you a reminder call, but ultimately this is your responsibility.