Band Instrument Donation

Perhaps you have a saxophone or trumpet in your attic that hasn't been used in a while.  Maybe you know of someone who has a clarinet gathering dust.  It seems a shame to have those band instruments sitting idle, right?
Greensburg Salem School District is looking for band instruments that can be used by elementary students who would like to join our band, but whose families just don't have the means to rent or buy one. If you know of a gently-used, unloved instrument we can put to good use, we'd like to talk with you.
We are looking for donations of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and drum kits to the Greensburg Salem School District, to be used by 4th and 5th grade students in our instrumental music program.  A School District representative will send you a thank you letter, documenting your donation.  The value of your instrument donation should be deductible on your Federal Income Tax (check with your tax preparer). 
A year or two (or more) as a band member may have shaped who you are today.  Please help our students to have that same experience.
Please email Mr. Steve Tribble and feel free to share this with anyone -- and everyone -- who would be willing to participate in the donation program.