Three Great Ways to Stay Connected:

1.   Subscribe to Faculty web pages.

2.   Create an account through SchoolMessenger to add phone numbers that will receive voice messages and SMS text messages or add an email address.
3.  Subscribe to our social media content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @GSSDGoldenLions
Teacher Web Pages:  
As a parent, you want to stay connected to what is happening in your child's school.  Visiting the website is a good way to stay abreast of changes and school news.  But often with our hectic daily schedules, you just don't have the time to check all of your child's teachers' websites to see if there is anything new happening.
Here is where we can help you.  Simply browse to your child's teachers' website, click the subscribe button on the teacher's main page and then complete the enrollment form including your email address.

SchoolMessenger Alert System: 

Parents can also add phone numbers and email addresses to receive information shared through SchoolMessenger.  While the main number for every household is automatically enrolled in SchoolMessenger to receive notifications, additional contact numbers and email addresses can be added along with cell phone numbers to receive text messages.  Parents must first create a SchoolMessenger account at go.schoolmessenger.com or schoolmessenger.com/start .  Parents can also download and use the SchoolMessenger App.  To create an account, use the parent email address that you have registered with the school district.  If using your email address does not work, use this form below to register your email address with the school district.  Email address from this form will be uploaded into the school district student information system and SchoolMessenger by November 1st.  Parents will receive a confirmation email from the school district indicating that their email has been uploaded to the SchoolMessenger system shortly after November 1st.  Once parents receive the confirmation email, they will be able to create their SchoolMessenger account as described above.
Form Coming Soon - Pleas check back