Comprehensive Planning

The Greensburg Salem School District will begin its planning efforts for the 2023-2026 Comprehensive Plan this summer. 
The Comprehensive Plan will include the following important topics and sub-committees:
  • Academic Standards & Assessments (Chapter 4)
  • Gifted Education Assurances (Chapter 16)
  • Student Services Assurance (Chapter 12)
  • New Employee Induction Plan (Chapter 49) 
  • Employee Professional Development (Chapter 48)
  • District Technology Plan
  • District Facilities Plan
  • K-12 School Counseling Plan (339 Plan)

Agenda from July 28, 2022 Comprehensive Plan Meeting

1. Review data from Future Ready Index. Participants were split into four groups and given one of the following areas to examine: ELA, Science, Math, Other (pdf located in the July 20,2022 meeting dropdown below. 
2. Participants were asked to identify areas of strength and weakness and to complete the form below. 
3. Shared common terms from mission and vision activity during session 1 (see Common Mission Statement Terms pdf below). Click here to provide feedback on the Common Mission Statement Terms Activity