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Greensburg Salem School District


The Greensburg Salem School District is home to 50 athletic teams with hundreds of student athletes in grades 7-12 playing for the Golden Lions. Greensburg Salem Athletics boasts a storied tradition spanning over 100 years, with well over 100 section titles, 12 WPIAL Championships and 3 PIAA Championships, 700+ Football victories, 800+ Wrestling victories, and one of the best high school stadium settings in the nation. There are many reasons to be proud to be a Golden Lion and part of the Greensburg Salem community!

Golden Lion Athletics, in conjunction with academics, provide students with the best chance to develop into well-rounded and responsible adults. It is our ultimate expectation to develop our student-athletes into versatile, civically-minded and engaged individuals. Athletics at Greensburg Salem have been an outlet to provide opportunities for our students to develop socially, emotionally and physically - opportunities that ultimately promote initiative, leadership, accountability, and responsibility.

Golden Lion student athletes don’t stop shining when they leave our hallways, they go on to become leaders and winners at the collegiate and professional levels. Greensburg Salem Athletics celebrates the achievements of our next generation of leaders and difference-makers. Young people take what they learn in the classrooms, courts, mat, pool and fields of Greensburg Salem and use those skills to better themselves and their communities. While Greensburg Salem Athletics has a rich and storied past, we have an even brighter future. Go Golden Lions!