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    Curriculum & Instruction
    1 Academy Hill Place
    Greensburg, PA 15601
    Phone (Elementary): 724 832-2957
    Phone (Secondary):  724-832-2991
    Fax: 724 832-2968
    Mrs. Kelly Gustafson 
    Coordinator of Elementary Education
    Mr. Ken Bissell
    Coordinator of Secondary Education

    The department for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment facilitates the learning of students and staff.  The various areas addressed by this department are identified below.


    Curriculum:  What do we want our students to know and be able to do?  Committees of teachers meet to develop curriculum for each grade level.  Curriculum mapping is used to provide a means for teachers to view, analyze, and align curriculum across grade levels.  These committees review and select instructional materials, such as textbooks, that best match curriculum needs.


    Instruction:  How can we best promote student learning of the identified curriculum?  Teachers collaborate to learn and implement “Best Practices” that are research-based and promote student learning.  Differentiated instruction is utilized to meet the needs of all learners.  Enrichment and remediation are provided as necessary.  Technology is incorporated to facilitate student learning.   


    Assessment:  How do we monitor student progress in achieving the curriculum?  Committees of teachers work to develop common assessments that reflect the learning goals.  Time is also utilized to interpret data from various assessments, such as the PSSA, 4 Sight, and other local assessments to monitor student growth and determine future needs. 


    Professional development is ongoing to promote the learning of teachers and administrators.  Teachers participate in committees that focus on school improvement and instructional practices.  Teachers attend conferences to learn new ideas that they share with department and grade level members. Teachers also share their learning as they present to other teachers on In-Service days. 


    Induction:  Teachers new to Greensburg Salem School District participate in two years of induction to become familiar with the expectations and culture of the district.  Veteran teachers and administrators work closely with these teachers to provide a smooth transition to Greensburg Salem School District and to assure high levels of learning for all students. 


    Summer Academies and Adult Learning Opportunities are also coordinated through the office for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.