• Welcome to Title I Reading!
    Title I is a federally funded program that provides academic support and learning opportunities to meet state standards in reading and math. Title I programs help students to experience success within their classrooms.  GS is a Schoolwide Title I District. This helps to ensure that any child who needs help with reading or math can have access to support.
    Hutchinson's Title I Reading Teachers: 
    Mrs. Goodge -  trisha.goodge@gslions.net
    Miss Mertz - lori.mertz@gslions.net
    Metzgar's Title I Reading Teacher: 
    Mrs. Hutchinson -  katie.hutchinson@gslions.net
    Nicely's Title I Reading Teacher:
    Mrs. Hostetler - kristy.hostetler@gslions.net
    Have a great school year!