• Greensburg Salem School Board
    The School Board is comprised of nine members elected at large to serve four year terms. The terms of office are arranged so that not all members are slated for election at one time. School Directors serve without compensation.

    The Board is a legislative body whose authority is defined by the Pennsylvania School Code. The Board's function is to provide a thorough and efficient education for the students of the Greensburg Salem School District and to develop policies to carry out this objective.
      Term Expires
    Ronald Mellinger, Jr.  - President 2021
    Charlotte Kemerer - Vice President 2019
    Frank J. Gazze 2019
    Jeffrey Metrosky   2021
    Nick Rullo        2019
    Robin Savage 2019
    Rachel Shaw                      2021
    Lynna Thomas 2021
    Stephen D. Thomas 2019