• Auditorium

    Informational Services
    1 Academy Hill Place
    Greensburg, PA 15601
    Phone: 724 832-2984
    Fax: 724 832-2968
    Mr. Larry George
    Director of Informational Services
    Mr. Dennis Flock
    Assistant to the Director of Informational Services

    • Graphics Arts - Design, Layout, Printing

    • Photocopier Management and Repairs

    • District wide Signage

    • District wide Facility Rentals and Usage

    • Auditorium Coordination & Management
    • District wide Sound, Lighting, AV, Intercom & Phone Management

    The Greensburg Salem School District Informational Services Department is low-cost, high-quality printing, copying and design service for all areas of the educational system with the goal to enhance student learning and administrative operations. This department is also responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of over 14 full size photocopiers and 8 desktop photocopiers in the school district as well as 2 offset presses. The Info Svcs Dept. handles all aspects of printing and finishing for the school district including: handbooks, posters, signs, envelopes, letterhead, ncr, tickets, programs, report card and transcript paper. This department is also responsible for the implementation of signage displayed throughout the district.
    Additionally, the Informational Services Department manages all facility rentals for the Greensburg Salem School District. Any organization; private, public, non-profit and for-profit may rent a school district facility. Please contact our office for a rental application.
    Mr. George and Mr. Flock are also responsible for the operation and technical execution of the auditoriums and multi-purpose rooms within the Greensburg Salem School District. In addition, they oversee the student stage crews for the High School and Middle School.
    Technical equipment such as sound systems, lighting, audio/visual equipment, district wide intercom systems and phone systems is also managed by this department.