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Affordable Internet for Students

            As teachers, educators, parents, and community we work together to ensure students are provided the tools and resources children need to succeed.  Because of this, we’d like to introduce you to Internet Essentials, a comprehensive program designed by Comcast to connect families to the Internet on an affordable basis.

            Comcast has developed a program where families with at least one child receiving free or reduced price lunches may qualify for Internet Essentials.  Participating families pay only $9.95 a month+ tax with no price increases, activation fees or equipment rentals.  Additionally, those who take advantage of the program can buy a low-cost computer and receive Internet training at no additional charge.

            With the educational and professional benefits of the Internet increasing every day, having a way to connect at home is more important than ever before.  To see if your family is eligible for InternetEssentials, visit or call 1-855-846-8376 today (option 5 to speak with an agent).  Greensburg Salem School District is not affiliated with Comcast or the Internet Essentials program and receives no benefit from your participation.  Participation, availability, support and eligibility are determined by Comcast.