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GS World Language dominates APPLES Competition

Greensburg Salem High School students competed in the annual Appalachian Language Educators' Society Foreign Language Competition, and GSHS students again claimed an overwhelming majority of the awards.  
The Spanish competition winners are as follows:
  • Rebecca Scasseletti and Samantha Jobe--tied for 1st place--Original Art
  • Samantha Jobe-- 1st place--Poetry Recitation Advanced
  • Olivia Zulisky--1st place--Poetry level AP
  • Anna Klueber--1st place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 1st place--Listening Comprehension Advanced; 2nd place--Speaking Proficiency Advanced; 1st place--Comprehension Advanced
  • Maris Leonard--2nd place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 2nd place--Listening Comprehension Advanced; 1st place--Speaking Proficiency Advanced; 3rd place--Composition Advanced
  • Sean Dean--3rd place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 3rd place-- Listening Comprehension Advanced; 3rd place--Speaking Proficiency Advanced; 2nd place--Composition Advanced
  • Overall Festival Winner in Spanish--Anna Klueber
The French competition winner are as follows:
  • Sara Thomas--1st--Poetry Recitation; 2nd--Original Art
  • Kyrsten Santillo--1st Place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 3rd--Composition Advanced; 1st--Listening Comprehension Advanced
  • Sam Cunningham--2nd place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 1st place--Composition Advanced; 3rd place--Listening Comprehension Advanced; 3rd place--Speaking Proficiency
  • Kayleigh Ventrone--1st place--Speaking Proficiency Advanced; 3rd place--Reading Comprehension Advanced; 
  • 2nd--Listening Comprehension Advanced
  • Nicole Shusko--2nd place--Speaking Proficiency Advanced
  • The overall Festival winner for French is junior Kayleigh Ventrone
Congratulations to the students and their teachers in the World Language Department:  
Stephanie Grace and Carolyn Murray--French
Melissa Jordan, Kevin Lyons, Tammy Lyons  and Marissa Tedesco--Spanish