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GS wins Titan Challenge Championship

Greensburg Salem High School is proud to announce the students who have competed in the Junior Achievement Titan Challenge. The Titan Challenge is a business simulation where teams of two or three students will work together to navigate the trials of running a business -- while directly competing with groups of students in the same market and with their performance index against students in other markets. Students have to juggle price, production, marketing, research and development, investment, and charitable donations as they try to outperform the competition. Phases of the economic cycle, market events, and differing play-styles will have serious effects on the market environment, so teamwork, cooperation, and adaptability are key.

Greensburg Salem is proud to announce these students have won the Grand Championship:
Grand Champions--Ryan Downs, Chris Schrecengost, and Justin Pellis
3rd Place--Marielle Davis, Alyssa DeCarlucci, and Maura Merritt
4th Place--Joe Moyer, Isaac Briggs, and Colin Barry
Great job to each of our teams.  You make us proud to say, "We are GS!"